The Holy Quran pillar

This piece of exclusive artwork has never been seen or presented before in public and is the technical symbioses of two patented solutions. The main parts of the pillar are a result of a 7 year R&D, a special multilayered real cherry wood, which can be illuminated. The surface of the pillar is decorated with traditional Islamic ornament motifs, which were precisely laser engraved. The illuminable cherry wood and motifs are lit from the back by led lights, providing a brand new and breathtaking aesthetic experience in the world of interior design. The pillar comes to life in the different light conditions of daylight and night time as well. The brightness can be adjusted upon demand with a remote control. The balusters are decorated with hand carved wood, marquetry implementations and 24 carat gold plating. The Holy Quran is positioned on a uniquely carved wood, set on a silk padding, protected by a laminated safety glass cabinet, which is special due to yet another one of a kind process. Its essence is that the led spot positioned on top has an invisible electric wire. At night the illuminated surfaces create the impression of a floating pillar delivering a magical and luxurious aesthetic effect.

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