The Bonsai Pot

Bonsai: bon=container, sai=plant, literally translated as “planted in a container”. The Bonsai are grown in shallow containers, they are artistically formed, pruned trees. A tree is looked after and nurtured for years, before becoming a perfect work of art. Only the trees with style can be called a Bonsai.The Wood Vision team has also been nurturing and shaping its own creation for years. We have cut all the bad sprouts, have created its shape and slowly there are new branches growing, which are bringing new leafs.

The people who are raising a Bonsai believe in hard work, they trust the future and are not expecting immediate results. With this attitude they create something extraordinary and unique, which provides long lasting joy and success. The Wood Vision team can completely identify with this philosophy.

The Wood Vision “bon” was of course made of our own innovative material development. Its motif is the part of the plant that actually cannot be seen: its roots. The design was placed at the back of the material, in this case the lines of the motif do not let light shine through and this is how the pattern appears. The “soil ball effect” was composed with the thinning of the wooden layer. The “container” is lit with LED lighting, which can be handled, dimmed and adjusted with the help of a remote control.

This pot is a daring technical piece by Wood Vision: a box had to be created, where the electronics had to be protected, while the “container” had to be appropriate for the planting as well.

This “bon” is a unique and spectacular piece on its own, however it can be attractive in a winter garden as well.

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