The Wood Vision team considers all tasks as a challenge and not as a problem, searching for all the possibilities that lie within this special material. Our company likes to sail on new and unknown waters. because it is necessary to navigate. NAVIGARE NECESSE EST.

The round coffee table is the first piece of the navy furniture collection. The sophisticated use of materials, the decoration with ornaments which are rich in details and excellent surface treatment all contribute to this product to be worthy of becoming part of the high standard yacht furniture.

The mahogany table top is composed of four parts, which were carefully selected according to the graining of the wood and were centrally rotated together according to the design of the graining. The classic compass motif was created with the laser engraving of the wooden surface, therefore the motif is a wonderful decoration on the table even without the lighting. The ornaments radially harmonize with the patterns of the wood. The side of the table top is also mahogany wood, which is placed above the top like a rim, to stop objects from sliding off the table. The legs of the table are stainless steel of course and are high-gloss polished. The illumination of the table is assured by cold white and orange coloured LED lights, which can be programmed, dimmed with a remote control.

This piece of furniture is the top product of Wood Vision in both traditional carpenter work and in applying our innovative material development.

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