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The “Levitation” display case: contemplative poetry

Specially designed for the event and located at the main entrance to the stand, one display in particular reflected the image of Hublot watches. It was an event all on its own. Even a world first.

To create this concept, Dietlin Artisans worked with Flyvision, the leader in levitation displays. 

“Puzzled and questioning” visitors crowded around the display to marvel at a Tourbillon carbon watch levitating in space, “carried by the wind”, with no fixtures or supports, in the centre of an illuminated case.

The Levitation display case will be appearing in some exclusive Hublot stores throughout the world.

© 2012 Dietlin SA
© 2012 Hublot SA
Press release
Romanel, 27 March 2012


„There is nothing quite like a FlyVision display unit!”

„We regularly present it to our clients as a new and innovative way to display their products and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
Whether it’s used for an exclusive mobile phone brand in an upmarket department store or built into a feature wall in a showroom the FlyVision display system creates stand-out, impact and a unique way to present our products.

We highly recommend the FlyVision system and the innovatively unique way it generates attraction to the displayed products.”


„First time we have seen photos of Flyvision solutions, we could not believe this is true and we thought it is a Photoshop trick. Since June 2011 we have this great solution which makes our logo fly and rotate in our headquarters in Mainz - and we still can't believe...”

Museum of Fine Arts

„Whether we regarded the ancient Egyptian art object as archaeological monuments or works of art, during exhibitions it is an important aspect for us that the cabinet allows the items to prevail, not pushed away by the design, while it has to provide perfect safety for them.

The Flyvision cabinets combine these two goals excellent, and they also illustrate the mystery, that lives in the mind about ancient Egypt. Flyvision cabinets provide exciting visual spectacle and certainly offer an aesthetic experience.” (trans.)


"The Flyvision display cabinet we purchased is an amazing feat of engineering! It attracts attention and showcases our products in a unique and highly impactful way and allows us to attract interest to both our stand at exhibitions as well as our gallery.

The Flyvision display cabinets are a unique way of presenting our exclusive products in a new and unexpected way and allows our target audience to look at our products in a new and exciting manner, without deterring from the object itself!

We are very pleased with the results of working together with Flyvision."


„The Nike Half Marathon is one of the most important annual events in the life of Nike Hungary, what more and more people (from 2,011 to 12,000 participants) visit yearly, not only for running, but also for relaxing, or as attendant. For us the proper brand presentation is high priority.

In 2011, we wanted to renew and therefore we worked together with Flyvision, to use the special product placement solution they provide.

We received only positive feedbacks. Our guests and visitors were staring at Flyvision and spent a long time to figure out the underlying technology.”


„Our shop design goal was to create an environment where everything is focused on the products and services. To achieve this, we were searching for innovative and forward looking, unique solutions, and ideas.

Flyvision is a key communication tool that allows us to present spectacular the most important devices of our campaigns. In our experience, an attractive placement of the devices like Flyvision can help our clients in the decision-making. Flyvision also proved to be an effective tool during our joint campaigning with the manufacturers.” (trans.)


„As the distributor of the brand Braun, we are always looking for innovative and unusual solutions. That’s why we were delighted when we got in touch with Flyvision team.

The essence of our brand is innovation and the design – all these were provided by Flyvision, since the product was given the opportunity to appear on its own reality.

At present, we do not see yet results of the devices effectiveness, but it’s certain that the shoppers spent a few minutes in front of the display during Christmas period, which is definitely a great achievement, compared to the average few seconds.” (trans.)


"Having exhibited for 8 years at the CES, we have never witnessed so much interest in one product."

"Flyvision developed a truly magnificent and unique way of displaying items in a manner that continuously amazes everyone who sets their eyes on it.”

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